Yes, I got my brother into feminism

Finally, he’s stopped being a chauvinist and decided to look deeper into feminism. I’ve always struggled with him because he used to think feminists are just a bunch of men-hating loud-mouthers that don’t give a crap about equality. That, of course, is NOT TRUE. How can you criticize something without understanding it? Feminism isn’t about men-hating–it’s about deconstructing the gender structures and stereotypes, as well as how they affect aspects of our culture and how we interact with each other. At least, that’s what feminism means to me. NO MORE NEGATIVE STEREOTYPES IN MAH HOUSE!!!

He says: “What if I learn about feminism and still come up with the same opinion?”

Me: “You’re an intelligent guy. I’m sure if you understand what feminism is, you will stop trivializing and condescending towards it.”