Don Jon: Thoughts on relationships and pornography

On one hand, men consume hypersexualized female images that abound in our culture and media, while women get their kicks from far-fetched formulaic romantic tales and demand the same kind of chivalry and sacrificial spirit. What happens when two highly polarized sets of expectations must configure in the same relationship? To me, that’s Don Jon … More Don Jon: Thoughts on relationships and pornography

Riddick (2013): Men are all rapists

A continuation of my earlier Riddick review, although from a different perspective. Riddick in a nutshell: Fierceness, bravado, and profanities.  While Riddick embodies the kind of hyper-masculinity that our patriarchal society idealizes, and without question delivers entertaining action and emotional thrill–this “man culture” is essentially problematic because it idealizes both violence and sexual domination.  If … More Riddick (2013): Men are all rapists


According to various dictionaries and encyclopedias I have visited, a slut either means a “dirty, slovenly woman” or “a woman who is promiscuous and immoral”. It is often used as a derogatory term, an attack on a woman’s character because of her sexual practice. Well, being the feminist that I am, I obviously object to … More SLUT!?

The Hobbit: Part I

Is Bilbo a conventional hero? Or is he a modern sort of hero? The conventional heroism involves both physical and emotional masculinity. Common character types that embody conventional heroism I can think of right now are: military leaders, kings or princes, or someone who exhibit strength, leadership and some unique ability that gives him an … More The Hobbit: Part I