Is my brother a so-called “racist”or “sexist pig”?

A long, long time ago I wrote about my struggles with my little brother. Excessive cussing & mking racist, sexist and horny jokes seem to be the hallmark of male interaction. My dad swore when he was with his dude friends. My brother swears when he is with his dude friends, and sometimes, well, makes … More Is my brother a so-called “racist”or “sexist pig”?

Racist War

I’ve been thinking about an activity. A game, to be specific. I call it the “Racist War” in my head. And it’s not what you think. But in some ways, it’s exactly what you think. The point of this game is *not* about trying “out-racist” another player. It’s about trying to “out-racist” yourself. The truth … More Racist War

“That’s so gay”, “nigger”, and “hahaha”?

It honestly pisses me off when people use those words without regard, without questioning what they mean, or as a joke “among friends”. Why is it okay if you only use it “among friends”? Does decontextualization remove the racist and negative connotations attached to those words? No, because those words can never be decontextualized because … More “That’s so gay”, “nigger”, and “hahaha”?

Kindred: Part II

The most logical explanation for Dana’s severed arm is perhaps that: she’s lost an intimate part of herself back in the 18th century, where Rufus held her and attempted to rape her–an irreparable physical disfiguration. In addition, she is both permanently marked and affected by her heritage. Overall I feel this novel defies a lot … More Kindred: Part II

Kindred: Part I

“Kindred” by Octavia Buler ~ The severed arm immediately caught my attention. Yup. Since the story involves time travelling, I speculated the dislocated flesh must have been snapped off during the transitory state between different times and space–reminding me of the way Ron Wesley (from Harry Potter) was “splinched” after apparating. In addition, the powerful … More Kindred: Part I