Cyber Activism

Public inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada… Propose a new agreement to protect our oceans… Canada Post: don’t end home delivery… Minister Alexander: Let the Pusuma family stay in Canada… Stop puppy mills and prohibit the sale of household pets… Malala: Stand with me and the Nigerian girls… One click to join these … More Cyber Activism

When you’re young

When you’re young, you are the centre of the universe. You dream big things; you expect grand things, and your heart shatters so fiercely when the world fails you. Eventually you learn that many things are beyond your control. You learn to perceive reality with better clarity and wisdom, you learn to accept people as … More When you’re young

First issue of magazine “I dream, therefore I become” now available!! :D

I know I never got around to Inner Knowing vs Practical Doing [Part Two]…but here is a piece of news deserving this interrupted space. The first issue of my magazine, Somewhere Nowhere In My Kingdom, is now available via Joomag!! Click here for the first issue!! Somewhere Nowhere In My Kingdom Vol. 1: I dream, … More First issue of magazine “I dream, therefore I become” now available!! :D

Inner Knowing vs Practical Doing [Part One]

It’s funny how I always find myself back at the beginning. I started my spiritual path as a Buddhist and Taoist, which gradually evolved into New Age Spirituality, and eventually Eclectic Paganism–but it always game back Buddha’s Middle Way. Well, actually, I wouldn’t say it’s a strictly  Buddhist thing–the essential philosophy of Middle Way is that of balance, or … More Inner Knowing vs Practical Doing [Part One]

The Question of “God”

There is a part of me that always erupts when I encounter religious discrimination. I have met two or three disrespectful and chauvinistic individuals throughout my life–and thank goodness our dealings with each other ended as soon as I expressed my disinterest regarding to becoming a convert of their religion. Imagine if you have to … More The Question of “God”