ART IS NOT USELESS!! Rant from an art student

Art is not useless! If science is the objective interpretation and understanding of reality, the art is the subjective interpretation and understanding of reality. Science if factual, descriptive, eternal until it is renewed or proven wrong. Art is personal, individual, expressive. You can say love is a reaction of various chemicals inside your physical body; … More ART IS NOT USELESS!! Rant from an art student

The Hobbit: Part I

Is Bilbo a conventional hero? Or is he a modern sort of hero? The conventional heroism involves both physical and emotional masculinity. Common character types that embody conventional heroism I can think of right now are: military leaders, kings or princes, or someone who exhibit strength, leadership and some unique ability that gives him an … More The Hobbit: Part I

Peter Pan: Part III

Bits and fragments from my midterm paper…that I didn’t end up using. 1. To begin with, the settings and activities at the Darling’s nursery at first seem normal enough, except that the Darling children are nursed by a dog. The personification of animals is a common aspect characterizing tales of the fantastical, and Nana’s abilities … More Peter Pan: Part III

Death Match: Me vs Giant Blueberry Cupcake of the Underworld

Another one of my absurdist mini story that I wrote while I sat in my English class, transported by boredom into another universe. Combining the knowledge I had learned in my previous class, history of Roman gladiators, I crafted a story in which I was an undefeated champion on the arena, fighting against a ferocious … More Death Match: Me vs Giant Blueberry Cupcake of the Underworld

Peter Pan: Part II

Peter resists adulthood because he resents it, not because he recognizes childhood as an idealized state of being. After all, he has been abandoned by an adult, namely his mother, and barred forever from maternal love. One of the very melancholy scenes in this novel is when Peter Pan describes how his mother shuts the … More Peter Pan: Part II

Peter Pan: Part I

artwork copyright © Adam Welker Original source: ~ Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie ~ Peter governs the lost boys like a dictator. The utter submission as well as loyalty he requires from his followers, namely the Lost Boys, somehow makes him a totalitarian leader–even Neverland itself submits him, coming alive only during his presence. … More Peter Pan: Part I