How do we evolve?

To be human is to accept ourselves just as we are, with our own history, and to accept others as they are. From Becoming Human by Jean Vanier What are the signs of evolution? How do we evolve…? “First: all humans are sacred, whatever their culture, race, or religion, whatever their capacities or incapacities, and whatever their … More How do we evolve?

The Way of a Seeker

A seeker, 1. searches for the truth, whether it be personal truth, emotional truth, fundamental truth, universal truth, or spiritual truth. The real truth cannot be lesser, because truth just is, and it can only become more than what it already is through conscious and comprehensive expansion 2. questions, considers, examines, deciphers, experiences and grows 3. looks … More The Way of a Seeker

“Zombie Jesus”

I have a confession to make. Or rather, I feel like I owe myself an explanation. Last year, I bought a comic strip titled “Zombie Jesus”, which illustrated Jesus…well, as a zombie, biting people and turning them into, yup, zombies. It also includes several sketches of Jesus as the undead and quite a few extremely inappropriate depictions … More “Zombie Jesus”

Those in-your-face-moments with your family: in particular, your little bro

I wage war with my brother on a regular basis. Such is the life of having a younger sibling. The thing with family members is that I want them to be perfect, and because of this most of the time I am consumed by their imperfections. It’s different with friends. For some reason when it … More Those in-your-face-moments with your family: in particular, your little bro