Too much of an idealist

No, I don’t think I will ever be able to stand dogma, bigotry, or chauvinism. Every time I hear about religions persecuting homosexuality, every time I encounter somebody blatantly misogynist, every time I come in contact with variations of some kind of supremacist crap, I am slightly angry at the world, and my heart bleeds a … More Too much of an idealist


I’ve been thinking a lot about swearing lately. Is it a bad thing or a good thing? Maybe it depends on context. Take the word “fuck”, for example. As a verb, to fuck either means to have sexual intercourse with someone, or to damage or ruin something.  As noun, it simply means an act of … More F**K

Homosexuality vs Religious Bigotry

***NOTE: I have changed the original title “Homosexuality vs Religious Bullshit” to the current one. To be fair, I have nothing against religions or religious people–just people with a skewed religious views.*** I honestly don’t understand why religions persecute homosexuality. I honestly don’t. And the ridiculous reasons they use!! I just saw this comment on Youtube about … More Homosexuality vs Religious Bigotry