Is my brother a so-called “racist”or “sexist pig”?

A long, long time ago I wrote about my struggles with my little brother. Excessive cussing & mking racist, sexist and horny jokes seem to be the hallmark of male interaction. My dad swore when he was with his dude friends. My brother swears when he is with his dude friends, and sometimes, well, makes … More Is my brother a so-called “racist”or “sexist pig”?

Riddick (2013): Men are all rapists

A continuation of my earlier Riddick review, although from a different perspective. Riddick in a nutshell: Fierceness, bravado, and profanities.  While Riddick embodies the kind of hyper-masculinity that our patriarchal society idealizes, and without question delivers entertaining action and emotional thrill–this “man culture” is essentially problematic because it idealizes both violence and sexual domination.  If … More Riddick (2013): Men are all rapists

Religious vs Atheist: The Existence of God

  Personally, I think there’s nothing wrong with either position. Just like sexual orientation, your religious affiliations do not represent, define, or dictate who you are as a person. You actions and choices do, simple as that. You don’t have to believe in God, but you can still believe in what God stands for–which is goodness, … More Religious vs Atheist: The Existence of God

Homosexuality vs Religious Bigotry

***NOTE: I have changed the original title “Homosexuality vs Religious Bullshit” to the current one. To be fair, I have nothing against religions or religious people–just people with a skewed religious views.*** I honestly don’t understand why religions persecute homosexuality. I honestly don’t. And the ridiculous reasons they use!! I just saw this comment on Youtube about … More Homosexuality vs Religious Bigotry

How do we evolve?

To be human is to accept ourselves just as we are, with our own history, and to accept others as they are. From Becoming Human by Jean Vanier What are the signs of evolution? How do we evolve…? “First: all humans are sacred, whatever their culture, race, or religion, whatever their capacities or incapacities, and whatever their … More How do we evolve?