Racist War

I’ve been thinking about an activity. A game, to be specific. I call it the “Racist War” in my head. And it’s not what you think. But in some ways, it’s exactly what you think. The point of this game is *not* about trying “out-racist” another player. It’s about trying to “out-racist” yourself. The truth … More Racist War

The Galactic Pufferfish and the River of Eternity

After the shipwreck near Saturn’s Belt, I assumed a parasitic existence on a galactic pufferfish, whose named appeared to be Blu’sque Diophantanorium, as it took its sweet time to inform me of it with its abusive telepathic voice. Its epileptic and shambolic consciousness resonated in my brain; I felt my thoughts turn into stone under … More The Galactic Pufferfish and the River of Eternity

Avengers Hotline

A mini story about how I dialed this imaginary Avengers Hotline to request for Iron Man to fly me to school, in which Hulk picked up and continued to recommend his service, despite my annoyance. I dialed the Avengers Hotline. “HEL–HELLO.” A burly voice exploded over the phone. “GOOD AFTERNOON. Avengers Hotline, established since New … More Avengers Hotline

The Tea Addict’s War

Yet another absurdist story in which I, the tea addict, engage in a vigorous battle with a coffee addict.  I dodged a stream of poisonous coffee and backflipped to escape the coffee-bean beetles crawling towards me, hissing and droning viciously. I cocked my tea-pot twice and faced my foe. I reached for the ginger peach … More The Tea Addict’s War

Death Match: Me vs Giant Blueberry Cupcake of the Underworld

Another one of my absurdist mini story that I wrote while I sat in my English class, transported by boredom into another universe. Combining the knowledge I had learned in my previous class, history of Roman gladiators, I crafted a story in which I was an undefeated champion on the arena, fighting against a ferocious … More Death Match: Me vs Giant Blueberry Cupcake of the Underworld