Life is a question mark

Life is a question mark, because it is an everlasting journey of seeking. I don’t ever want it to be a period, although I like comfort and being cozy and settled. To question is to be active. It pushes you to learn, to experiment, to doubt and to think for yourself. I don’t ever want … More Life is a question mark


A slightly cheesy post, a self-righteous half rant–with some points made. “What’s the point of studying Shakespeare if you’re never going to use it in life?” said my little brother, a man of math, science, logic and reason. “Well, what’s the point of studying calculus if you’re never going to use it in life?” said … More Shakespeare…useless??

How do we evolve?

To be human is to accept ourselves just as we are, with our own history, and to accept others as they are. From Becoming Human by Jean Vanier What are the signs of evolution? How do we evolve…? “First: all humans are sacred, whatever their culture, race, or religion, whatever their capacities or incapacities, and whatever their … More How do we evolve?

Education’s Worth?

As I am nearing the end of my sixteen years of public education, I become aware of how shackled I have become, how crippled I have been for the past sixteen years. It’s made me afraid to try new things, to spend time to do what I love. It’s deprived me of many things. It’s … More Education’s Worth?

Slaves to Our Career

What do you want to do when you grow up? What do you want to do when you graduate? When are you going to start looking for a job? When are you going to move out? It occurs to me that, society expects nearly every one of us to know exactly what we’re doing , … More Slaves to Our Career