A slightly cheesy post, a self-righteous half rant–with some points made. “What’s the point of studying Shakespeare if you’re never going to use it in life?” said my little brother, a man of math, science, logic and reason. “Well, what’s the point of studying calculus if you’re never going to use it in life?” said … More Shakespeare…useless??


According to various dictionaries and encyclopedias I have visited, a slut either means a “dirty, slovenly woman” or “a woman who is promiscuous and immoral”. It is often used as a derogatory term, an attack on a woman’s character because of her sexual practice. Well, being the feminist that I am, I obviously object to … More SLUT!?

Peter Pan: Part III

Bits and fragments from my midterm paper…that I didn’t end up using. 1. To begin with, the settings and activities at the Darling’s nursery at first seem normal enough, except that the Darling children are nursed by a dog. The personification of animals is a common aspect characterizing tales of the fantastical, and Nana’s abilities … More Peter Pan: Part III

Kindred: Part II

The most logical explanation for Dana’s severed arm is perhaps that: she’s lost an intimate part of herself back in the 18th century, where Rufus held her and attempted to rape her–an irreparable physical disfiguration. In addition, she is both permanently marked and affected by her heritage. Overall I feel this novel defies a lot … More Kindred: Part II

Peter Pan: Part II

Peter resists adulthood because he resents it, not because he recognizes childhood as an idealized state of being. After all, he has been abandoned by an adult, namely his mother, and barred forever from maternal love. One of the very melancholy scenes in this novel is when Peter Pan describes how his mother shuts the … More Peter Pan: Part II