Disney and Girl Power!

I don’t think I’ve watched enough Disney films made in the past years to solidify this conclusion, but I really want to talk about what I’ve noticed from watching the Tinker Bell series. There is always a soft-spot in my heart for animated films–or should I just say that I friggin love animated films in … More Disney and Girl Power!

ART IS NOT USELESS!! Rant from an art student

Art is not useless! If science is the objective interpretation and understanding of reality, the art is the subjective interpretation and understanding of reality. Science if factual, descriptive, eternal until it is renewed or proven wrong. Art is personal, individual, expressive. You can say love is a reaction of various chemicals inside your physical body; … More ART IS NOT USELESS!! Rant from an art student

The Way of a Seeker

A seeker, 1. searches for the truth, whether it be personal truth, emotional truth, fundamental truth, universal truth, or spiritual truth. The real truth cannot be lesser, because truth just is, and it can only become more than what it already is through conscious and comprehensive expansion 2. questions, considers, examines, deciphers, experiences and grows 3. looks … More The Way of a Seeker

Science or Magic

My brother doesn’t believe in my spiritual experiences. He believes that God is made out of particles behaving in ways that we cannot imagine–which is perfectly possible, because I believe all spiritual experiences can be observed by science, and the strict division between “science” and “spirituality” is invalid–they’re not two different things, they are two … More Science or Magic