Is my brother a so-called “racist”or “sexist pig”?

A long, long time ago I wrote about my struggles with my little brother. Excessive cussing & mking racist, sexist and horny jokes seem to be the hallmark of male interaction. My dad swore when he was with his dude friends. My brother swears when he is with his dude friends, and sometimes, well, makes … More Is my brother a so-called “racist”or “sexist pig”?

ART IS NOT USELESS!! Rant from an art student

Art is not useless! If science is the objective interpretation and understanding of reality, the art is the subjective interpretation and understanding of reality. Science if factual, descriptive, eternal until it is renewed or proven wrong. Art is personal, individual, expressive. You can say love is a reaction of various chemicals inside your physical body; … More ART IS NOT USELESS!! Rant from an art student


According to various dictionaries and encyclopedias I have visited, a slut either means a “dirty, slovenly woman” or “a woman who is promiscuous and immoral”. It is often used as a derogatory term, an attack on a woman’s character because of her sexual practice. Well, being the feminist that I am, I obviously object to … More SLUT!?