Let me text you instead

Nobody calls anybody anymore. Yesterday, I held my cellphone in my hand, overcome by this urge to talk to somebody–to hear somebody’s voice. I could no longer stand the status updates, the automatic thumbs-up I give with a click of my mouse. I wanted some *real* socializing, for Goodness’ sake. But I couldn’t dial the … More Let me text you instead

Love =/= Relationship

Relationship involves commitment. What does love involve? I’ve written about what I think about love before. In short, just to give you a sense of how I define love–love means the wonderful opportunity to be the best of yourself next to someone who is equally inspired by your presence to be the best of themselves. … More Love =/= Relationship

The Romantic Mumbo-Jumbo

What is “love”? The word itself, with all its connotations and stereotypes, begs to be defined and redefined. It’s within our nature to want to understand love–I mean, who doesn’t want to be loved? An aspect of love consists of the following. I suppose you can call it the conventional love: A boyfriend of girlfriend … More The Romantic Mumbo-Jumbo

Those in-your-face-moments with your family: in particular, your little bro

I wage war with my brother on a regular basis. Such is the life of having a younger sibling. The thing with family members is that I want them to be perfect, and because of this most of the time I am consumed by their imperfections. It’s different with friends. For some reason when it … More Those in-your-face-moments with your family: in particular, your little bro