Say no to pink! Or, Valentine’s Day annoys me greatly

I don’t know why–out of all holidays, Valentine’s Day annoys me the most. Every holiday is commercialized to some degree, with Christmas sitting at the apex. I guess that’s how we celebrate things these days. We consume meaning and expression by consuming commercial products. By the second week of December, I was getting sick of … More Say no to pink! Or, Valentine’s Day annoys me greatly

Don Jon: Thoughts on relationships and pornography

On one hand, men consume hypersexualized female images that abound in our culture and media, while women get their kicks from far-fetched formulaic romantic tales and demand the same kind of chivalry and sacrificial spirit. What happens when two highly polarized sets of expectations must configure in the same relationship? To me, that’s Don Jon … More Don Jon: Thoughts on relationships and pornography

Love =/= Relationship

Relationship involves commitment. What does love involve? I’ve written about what I think about love before. In short, just to give you a sense of how I define love–love means the wonderful opportunity to be the best of yourself next to someone who is equally inspired by your presence to be the best of themselves. … More Love =/= Relationship

Love Is Awareness

When someone else is lovingly aware of us (not of their judgement or desires regarding us, but simply of us as we are), we can experience the outer expression of their love. We can see the way they are looking at us, the smile on their face, and the responsiveness of their reactions to us. … More Love Is Awareness

The Romantic Mumbo-Jumbo

What is “love”? The word itself, with all its connotations and stereotypes, begs to be defined and redefined. It’s within our nature to want to understand love–I mean, who doesn’t want to be loved? An aspect of love consists of the following. I suppose you can call it the conventional love: A boyfriend of girlfriend … More The Romantic Mumbo-Jumbo