The Galactic Pufferfish and the River of Eternity

After the shipwreck near Saturn’s Belt, I assumed a parasitic existence on a galactic pufferfish, whose named appeared to be Blu’sque Diophantanorium, as it took its sweet time to inform me of it with its abusive telepathic voice. Its epileptic and shambolic consciousness resonated in my brain; I felt my thoughts turn into stone under … More The Galactic Pufferfish and the River of Eternity

Space Battleship Yamato

Directed by Takashi Yamazaki Screenplay by Shimako Sato Story by Leiji Matsumoto, YOshinobu Nishizaki This movie is absolutely horrible. Avoid at all cost–I’m not kidding. I do not know if the original anime series is as unbearably ridiculous, but the film adaption is effing bad. That’s how bad it is. Having no preconception from the … More Space Battleship Yamato