Let yourself be

Being yourself is not an imperative. It consists of no agenda, no scheme, no intention, no purpose, no judgement, no labels. It is a natural state of being. You don’t be yourself out of need, nor of want; you are yourself because you simply are. You don’t think about being yourself. You don’t plan on … More Let yourself be

Your Eyes, My Mind

Who am I? Why do I need to see me with your eyes? Who am I? Am I female, am I poetic, am I funny? Am I a goofball, a nerd, a Japanese food lover, a self-conscious philosopher? Am I enough–am I female enough, am I poetic enough, am I funny enough? Am I goofy … More Your Eyes, My Mind

Who am “I”?

An exercise I did in my feminist studies/English class. The question was: how do I define myself? Who am “I”? What is this “I”? The term “I” speaks of the presence of an identity, or the existence of an “ego”. I prefer to regard myself as “I am”, a state of being rather than a … More Who am “I”?