Is my brother a so-called “racist”or “sexist pig”?

A long, long time ago I wrote about my struggles with my little brother. Excessive cussing & mking racist, sexist and horny jokes seem to be the hallmark of male interaction. My dad swore when he was with his dude friends. My brother swears when he is with his dude friends, and sometimes, well, makes … More Is my brother a so-called “racist”or “sexist pig”?

Too much of an idealist

No, I don’t think I will ever be able to stand dogma, bigotry, or chauvinism. Every time I hear about religions persecuting homosexuality, every time I encounter somebody blatantly misogynist, every time I come in contact with variations of some kind of supremacist crap, I am slightly angry at the world, and my heart bleeds a … More Too much of an idealist

Food for Thought

Sometimes I think the fact that being a vegetarian or a vegan is considered a much healthier option is because of all the additives and chemicals present in processed foods. I’m frightened of McDonald’s meat patties because you honestly don’t know what’s in there. As for chicken nuggets (a childhood favourite), I learned that it’s … More Food for Thought

“That’s so gay”, “nigger”, and “hahaha”?

It honestly pisses me off when people use those words without regard, without questioning what they mean, or as a joke “among friends”. Why is it okay if you only use it “among friends”? Does decontextualization remove the racist and negative connotations attached to those words? No, because those words can never be decontextualized because … More “That’s so gay”, “nigger”, and “hahaha”?

Education’s Worth?

As I am nearing the end of my sixteen years of public education, I become aware of how shackled I have become, how crippled I have been for the past sixteen years. It’s made me afraid to try new things, to spend time to do what I love. It’s deprived me of many things. It’s … More Education’s Worth?