The Quest for Truth

While I was browsing the bookstore with my good friend, an old Indian guy approached us and asked us if we knew about Taoism. He was very well-dressed, and it seemed like he was browsing the philosophy section, chanced upon two girls by the New Age section and decided to talk to us. I wasn’t … More The Quest for Truth

Say no to pink! Or, Valentine’s Day annoys me greatly

I don’t know why–out of all holidays, Valentine’s Day annoys me the most. Every holiday is commercialized to some degree, with Christmas sitting at the apex. I guess that’s how we celebrate things these days. We consume meaning and expression by consuming commercial products. By the second week of December, I was getting sick of … More Say no to pink! Or, Valentine’s Day annoys me greatly

Racist War

I’ve been thinking about an activity. A game, to be specific. I call it the “Racist War” in my head. And it’s not what you think. But in some ways, it’s exactly what you think. The point of this game is *not* about trying “out-racist” another player. It’s about trying to “out-racist” yourself. The truth … More Racist War