Let me text you instead

Nobody calls anybody anymore. Yesterday, I held my cellphone in my hand, overcome by this urge to talk to somebody–to hear somebody’s voice. I could no longer stand the status updates, the automatic thumbs-up I give with a click of my mouse. I wanted some *real* socializing, for Goodness’ sake. But I couldn’t dial the … More Let me text you instead

A series of random subjects in which I question humanity.

One thing that we are exceedingly capable of doing as human beings: enslavement of others and of self. What is slavery? When did it start? The Romans were certainly modest about it (on a completely random note I confess to being a fan of Starz’s TV series Spartacus); the classical societies sought no secrecy in … More A series of random subjects in which I question humanity.

Smart Phones are Evil?

Our lives are dominated by tiny touch screens. I commute regularly to my university, and regularly I observe people on the bus or skytrain with their head bent downwards, consumed by the minuscule, glowing device in their hands, tapping or swiping frantically away, along with two tiny earbuds planted in their ears. Texting, listening to music, … More Smart Phones are Evil?