The Kinds of Activism

I always stress the importance of “awareness”–but could that just be laziness? It seems to me I have achieved little in action; all I do is blog about stuff. I rant, I express, I talk about how I feel and what I’ve learned about the world–be it social issues, spirituality, God, gender, homosexuality, the human … More The Kinds of Activism


According to various dictionaries and encyclopedias I have visited, a slut either means a “dirty, slovenly woman” or “a woman who is promiscuous and immoral”. It is often used as a derogatory term, an attack on a woman’s character because of her sexual practice. Well, being the feminist that I am, I obviously object to … More SLUT!?

Busy busy busy + some writing contest information

Haven’t updated for a while! It seems like I’m not updating as often as I intend to. I was supposed to be blogging about my experiences as an intern at Ricepaper… Well, I’m starting to do some copyediting work. To my slight surprise it does not really involve changing the writer’s work. It is only to maintain … More Busy busy busy + some writing contest information

Case Study #2: “A World Without Toys”

“A World Without Toys” By T. M. Wright From “The Year’s Best Fantasy” Short Story Collection Some basic notes: story opener: “When the County Department of Public Works tore up part of St. Paul Street so workers could lay new pipe, they found a small green clapboard house 20 feet below street level. Only the front of … More Case Study #2: “A World Without Toys”

Case Study #1: “The Improper Princess”

“The Improper Princess” By Patricia C. Wrede From “The Year’s Best Fantasy” Short Stories Collection Some basic notes: story opener: “Linderwall was a large kingdom, just east of the Mountains of Morning, where philosophers were highly respected and the number five was fashionable. The climate was unremarkable. The knights kept their armor brightly polished (mainly for show—it … More Case Study #1: “The Improper Princess”