ART IS NOT USELESS! Yet another rant from an art student

Click here for the first rant: Is art necessary? Of course it is. It’s not just an “interest”, a “hobby”, or “something you get into”. I am tired of people who treat art like it’s optional, like it’s secondary, an additional “limb” attached to the body of our scientific and rational reality that can be … More ART IS NOT USELESS! Yet another rant from an art student

Let me text you instead

Nobody calls anybody anymore. Yesterday, I held my cellphone in my hand, overcome by this urge to talk to somebody–to hear somebody’s voice. I could no longer stand the status updates, the automatic thumbs-up I give with a click of my mouse. I wanted some *real* socializing, for Goodness’ sake. But I couldn’t dial the … More Let me text you instead


I’ve been thinking a lot about swearing lately. Is it a bad thing or a good thing? Maybe it depends on context. Take the word “fuck”, for example. As a verb, to fuck either means to have sexual intercourse with someone, or to damage or ruin something.  As noun, it simply means an act of … More F**K

Must we be religious?

While this post might end up to be another preachy-sounding heap (since I always seem to conclude my posts with the message–“keep an open mind and keep learning”), I still feel the need to write about it. I’m just going to put that out there. I’m sick and tired of people trying to convert me. … More Must we be religious?

Food for Thought

Sometimes I think the fact that being a vegetarian or a vegan is considered a much healthier option is because of all the additives and chemicals present in processed foods. I’m frightened of McDonald’s meat patties because you honestly don’t know what’s in there. As for chicken nuggets (a childhood favourite), I learned that it’s … More Food for Thought

“That’s so gay”, “nigger”, and “hahaha”?

It honestly pisses me off when people use those words without regard, without questioning what they mean, or as a joke “among friends”. Why is it okay if you only use it “among friends”? Does decontextualization remove the racist and negative connotations attached to those words? No, because those words can never be decontextualized because … More “That’s so gay”, “nigger”, and “hahaha”?