Homosexuality vs Religious Bigotry

***NOTE: I have changed the original title “Homosexuality vs Religious Bullshit” to the current one. To be fair, I have nothing against religions or religious people–just people with a skewed religious views.*** I honestly don’t understand why religions persecute homosexuality. I honestly don’t. And the ridiculous reasons they use!! I just saw this comment on Youtube about … More Homosexuality vs Religious Bigotry

Racism, Sexism, Elitism, Classicism, Whatever-ism’s

They’re all the same thing. The fundamental reason for discrimination is the egotistic need to feel superior, and the compulsive need to feel superior likely comes from insecurity, or a sense of lackness. When you’re lacking something: self-confidence, beauty, success, popularity–whatever it may be, those negative feelings easily channel themselves into visible forms of discrimination, or discriminatory … More Racism, Sexism, Elitism, Classicism, Whatever-ism’s


According to various dictionaries and encyclopedias I have visited, a slut either means a “dirty, slovenly woman” or “a woman who is promiscuous and immoral”. It is often used as a derogatory term, an attack on a woman’s character because of her sexual practice. Well, being the feminist that I am, I obviously object to … More SLUT!?

Which is More Wrong?

Consider the following two images: 1. a naked little boy surrounded by ten grown women 2. a naked little girl surrounded by ten grown men Which is more wrong? We are naturally inclined to pick the second one. Why? Yesterday I got into a heated discussion with my little brother regarding to gender issues and … More Which is More Wrong?

What is “God”?

1. God is not male. 2. God is not female. 3. God is not human, therefore cannot be gendered. 4. God is not Christian, Buddhist, Islamic, or Catholic. 5. God is not human, therefore cannot be religious. 6. God is not a collection of ideas or doctrines. 7. God is a collection of ideas or doctrines. 8. God … More What is “God”?

Who am “I”?

An exercise I did in my feminist studies/English class. The question was: how do I define myself? Who am “I”? What is this “I”? The term “I” speaks of the presence of an identity, or the existence of an “ego”. I prefer to regard myself as “I am”, a state of being rather than a … More Who am “I”?