A Conversation: What is “time”? What is “eternity”?

“Time is quantified eternity, timelessness chopped up into bits and pieces (seconds, hours, days, years) by us. What we call linear time is a reflection of how we perceive change.” –Deepak Chopra Kim (me): What is this time that we regulate our lives by?? It’s how often we see the sun, the moon, and how the … More A Conversation: What is “time”? What is “eternity”?

Bending God: Part I

So I’m reading “Bending God: A Memoir” by Eric Robison. 1. To be honest the narrative/autobiographical portion of the book isn’t all that interesting. I find my self reading one “Hey what’s up, man? Hey What’s up?” scene after another. It’s a little bit unnecessarily detailed and unengaging, because you get lost in the narrator’s meticulously … More Bending God: Part I

What is “God”?

1. God is not male. 2. God is not female. 3. God is not human, therefore cannot be gendered. 4. God is not Christian, Buddhist, Islamic, or Catholic. 5. God is not human, therefore cannot be religious. 6. God is not a collection of ideas or doctrines. 7. God is a collection of ideas or doctrines. 8. God … More What is “God”?

The Way of a Seeker

A seeker, 1. searches for the truth, whether it be personal truth, emotional truth, fundamental truth, universal truth, or spiritual truth. The real truth cannot be lesser, because truth just is, and it can only become more than what it already is through conscious and comprehensive expansion 2. questions, considers, examines, deciphers, experiences and grows 3. looks … More The Way of a Seeker